Everything Fall

Life is so fun with a tiny human sidekick and in a little over one year he’s taught my so much about life… specifically how the small moments aren’t actually small. They are everything. Here are some memories I cherish from our first fall at home with Jackson (last year we spent in the NICU!). His little personality is developing and he is full of expression, keeping us on our toes and making us laugh every day.

First time in the front of a grocery cart at our favorite store (Trader Joe’s).

Some love for his big sissy Mya.

Every season I do some sort of artwork with Jackson to hang in our entryway. This fall was a footprint apple and a pumpkin bum!

See what I mean by the expressions… and sass?!

And again at dinner…

We had my cousin, her husband and three kiddos over to watch Hocus Pocus 2 one afternoon. It was filled with snacks, lots of blankets and playing and very little movie watching!

Matching vans for all.

Peekaboo. Jackson’s awake!

We bought a big playpen for Jackson which has been a lifesaver! He (and we) spend so much time in it! By these pictures, you’d think he’s a sad puppy locked away in a cage but I assure you he enjoys it in there!

Jackson completed his first road race (in a stroller) and here’s a picture with Grandma after!

We visited the pumpkin wall at Wilson’s Farm and ate lots of cider donuts!

One evening my husband and I bundled up, poured some wine and watched a movie on our deck.

Best buddies. Riley is so sweet with Jackson.

Jackson’s first piggy-back-ride.

They are one in the same!

Like I said… lots of time in this playpen!

I was reading Jackson a fall book and couldn’t stop laughing… because, let’s be honest, some children books are SO STUPID! Like, how did they ever get published?!

Riley even shares her bed with Jackson, on occasion.

For Halloween, Jackson dressed up as a lion and my husband and I were a scarecrow and tinman from The Wizard of Oz. Jackson, apparently did not appreciate becoming a lion. My thought it that there was a misunderstanding. See, Jackson thought he was the cowardly lion. This made him angry. But when I told him he was actually the lion at the end of movie (after he gets his courage) then he was happy again.

Even Great Grandma Ginny spent some time in Jackson’s playpen!

Because I love this picture.

Who needs toys when you have pots and pans to play with?

A Jackson and Mama afternoon at the botanical garden.

Just boys being boys, chilling and watching football together.

Testing out Jackson’s new wagon!

It’s a rare occasion when my brothers and I are all able to get together.. and it makes my mom extremely happy. This was an afternoon celebrating one of their birthdays.

And Jackson got lots of uncle time… which he clearly loves.

Both of their faces! ❤

A Halloween coffee and cookie date with my little man.

And finally, Thanksgiving. We are so very blessed. It’s hard to put into words just how thankful I am for my little family, my extended family and all the blessings we have. It was such a beautiful day spent together.

More and more I see my little brother in Jackson… and this picture, with both of their smug expressions, just seals the deal.

I’m so grateful Jackson gets to grow up surrounded by so many cousins!

I hope you all had a wonderful fall season and a very happy Thanksgiving filled with family, friends and yummy food. Now, time for Christmas!

Love, Jessica



  1. You have had a beautiful year with your adorable son. Though you hard a tragic loss, god let Jackson be the missing light in your heart . Even though your other child went with god , always know they will forever remain in your heart that is something that will never go. Your strength and never ending smile is such an inspiration to all of the lives you touch. I so glad to work side by side with you.. I’m also glad your my friend ❤️


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