Life lately, according to my camera roll

Even though I will always love autumn the most, it is bittersweet to see this summer come to an end. It has been spontaneous and exciting and challenging and rewarding. Filled with adventures and finding myself again and time spent with people we love. It was my favorite summer yet and I want to reminisce a little longer before I say goodbye officially and embrace the new season.

My Great Auntie Jeanne visited from California for a month and we had so much fun together. Jackson and I spent a couple nights in Newport with her, my mom and grandmother. Aside from a little bickering (as you’d expect when a group of women are staying under the same roof), we had a lot of fun.

One afternoon we spent on the docks at Fort Adams… I sipped on Del’s and read a book while the rest of them fished. Jackson and Riley were perfectly content relaxing with the ocean breeze.

One evening, Jackson and I ventured off by ourselves (Mama needed a little space from people for a bit). I pushed Jackson on the swing and we watched the most amazing sunset together.

An afternoon at the park with my boy…

… followed by Jackson driving us home.

Is there anything better than a clean baby, wrapped in a big fluffy towel?

Boy loves his corn on the cob.

Snapped this cute picture while we were out to dinner with Grandma and Grandpa.

Jackson’s cousin loves him to pieces.

Learning how to play tug-o-war with Riley. She is so gentle with him.

Jackson had his first trip to the dentist which went well. Somehow he put on a show and let them brush his teeth without much of a fight. At home, it never goes quite so smoothly. He even got a “happy birthday” balloon.

Hiking Purgatory Chasm with Dad.

My silly boy wearing his Auntie Jeanne’s glasses.

Celebrating my 33rd birthday.

Hiking with Mama.

Evening walks are something I look forward to each day. We decided to let Jackson do some walking along the way… let’s just say, it was an extra slow walk that night!

We went out to dinner with my brother and Auntie Jeanne before she traveled back home to California.

They’re related, for sure.
Trying to eat Auntie Jeanne’s nose!

My husband and I always get each other traditional anniversary gifts. This year we celebrated 4 years with the theme “fruits and flowers.” He got me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers as well as an edible arrangement tray of chocolate covered fruits and candies. Since men don’t appreciate flowers as much as us ladies, I bought him and Jackson matching flower covered Vineyard Vines bathing suits and a flowered button up shirt.

My grandmother is moving and while packing we found this hat that belonged to my great grandfather (Jackson’s great great grandfather) who I never met.

Okay, now I think I’m officially ready to move on to autumn! Bring on the pumpkin spice (who am I kidding, I’ve been drinking this since August), chilly mornings, bonfires and cozy sweaters.

Love, Jessica


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