Beach Bum

I often think about what brings me joy in life and there is nothing that tops a day filled with my family and adventures. Nothing. When we spend the early morning making sandwiches and packing the cooler, loading umpteen bags and supplies into the Jeep (you need a lot of stuff at the beach with a baby!), spraying sunscreen on each other (I’m the world’s worst sunscreen applier… ask my husband, he’ll tell you about the time I made him look like a zebra), driving to the beach, unpacking said umpteen bags and lugging everything to the perfect spot on the sand, setting up the tent, trying to keep the tent from flying away with the wind, and finally sitting on the blanket with a sigh of relief. We made it to Jackson’s first beach trip and it was best kind of day.

Sand between his toes and happy as a clam.

The Rhode Island water was warm and our little fishy loved kicking his legs and catching some waves.

My favorite picture from the day. Jackson’s little determined face as he kicks the waves 🙂

We also introduced him to Del’s frozen lemonade (the best) which, clearly, he was a big fan of.

Naked and wrapped in a towel, listening to the waves crash and sleeping on the beach… does it get any better? I can’t imagine it does.

Our beach bum loved it so much that we decided to head back after dinner for a walk. Summer nights are my favorite.

That little lip and those big blue eyes ❤
The sweetest face I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Love, Jessica


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