Blueberry Picking

We had plans on Saturday to attend a seasonal market put on by a local brewery but when we pulled up, we were disappointed by how small and blah it appeared. So instead of wasting our time, we decided to keep driving and find something different to do. Our journey led us to Tougas Family Farm where we spent the perfect afternoon picking blueberries, eating freshly baked peach cobbler and blueberry donuts, pushing Jackson on the swings and leaving just in time for a thunderstorm to roll in. Why does it seem that the days that aren’t planned but rather seamlessly fall into place are always my favorite?

Jackson’s eyes match the blueberries ❤

This little man was so patient while he watched his Mama and Daddy pick a massive box of blueberries… he must have known we’d be using some to make blueberry pies for his upcoming birthday (I know, I can’t hardly believe he’s nearly one either).

The fields were empty… probably because most people would rather be in a pool or the air conditioner when it’s 95 degrees outside… but it was nice having the place to ourselves and not waiting in lines. The blueberries were so sweet and delicious and I’m pretty sure we had equal parts end up in our bellies as we did in our tray.

The utter happiness on Jackson’s face as his Daddy pushed him high on the swing makes my heart feel so full. Parenthood is challenging and makes you second guess every single decision but those giggles remind me that we must be doing something right.

Love, Jessica


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