Prayers Answered

Same shoes. Same Spot. New title: Mama.

There has always been something so magical about a setting sun. The formation of the clouds, the streaks of orange and yellow and red that quickly fade into deep purple and blue, a massive ball of fire seemingly lowering beneath the horizon. To me, it has always felt like the entrance to heaven… if only the clouds could form a staircase and one could walk right through it. When I’ve lost my faith or questioned whether a power greater than myself exists, sunsets have always reminded me there is more. There has to be. There is too much magic in this world to have happened just by coincidence.

Nearly two years ago, my husband and I hiked a local mountain to watch the sunset (I even blogged about it here) and at the top I vividly remember taking a few moments to pray to the heavens. I asked God to bless us with a healthy baby. I believe there is a plan for us all and although I didn’t understand why it was taking us so long to have a baby, I knew there was a reason. Looking back now, it was August 2020, and I understand the reason. I was deep in the middle of working at a Covid-filled hospital which would have been a less than ideal time to have a baby.

Fast forward to May 2022 and we hiked that same mountain, watched that same sun set, wore the same shoes… except this time, I carried our baby boy to the top. My prayers were answered, when the time was right. It was a night I want to always remember. Ice cream, a hike, a sunset, and a whole lotta love.

So, chase sunsets, pray to the heavens, and remember everything happens for a reason.

Love, Jessica


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