Jackson’s First Easter

Last Easter, I remember so vividly. The heavens gained another angel, my grandfather, around 4am. When I got home in the early hours of the morning, I went on a walk to clear my head. My eyes burned from tears and the cold air stung my face. And then a cardinal flew across my path and at that moment, my hands found my belly and I knew everything was going to be okay. I lost my grandfather that day but gained a guardian angel to watch over my sweet baby growing in my belly. Last Easter, my family came together to simultaneously grieve and celebrate and it was one I will never forget. But this Easter, this Easter was special for different reasons. This was the first Easter with our best boy Jackson and it was perfect.

Holidays with children are so much more magical. At Jackson’s age, everything is new and he is perfectly content just watching his cousins run around and taking it all in. But the memories we made will stay in my heart for always. Watching the fascination of life through his eyes is unbeatable and I’m savoring every moment.

Jackson had multiple visits with the Easter bunny.

We colored Easter eggs.

Opened Easter baskets.

Visited with lots of family.

Went on an Easter egg hunt.

Chewed on carrots.

And looked extra cool.

Hope you all had a beautiful day filled with family, yummy food, and lots of chocolate eggs.

Love, Jessica


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