Jackson’s Nursery

When my husband and I began searching for our “forever home,” we looked for something with lots of bedrooms that we would someday fill with babies. After a long search, we lucked out and purchased a four bedroom colonial in an amazing neighborhood with a big backyard. I couldn’t wait to hear little footsteps running from room to room or see toys scattered across the yard.

But then, we struggled to have even one baby, never mind a house full. We went through years of infertility treatments, mourned multiple miscarriages and shed a lot of tears between the walls of our home. It got to the point where we began discussing selling our perfect house if we couldn’t have a baby.. I couldn’t bear living in such a big place with empty rooms, with silence. And then, last March I got pregnant again. This time with twins.

We waited until at least 12 weeks to start planning the nursery because that’s when you’re supposed to be in the clear.. that’s when your chances of miscarriage decrease. We painted the walls, bought a rug and some furniture. And then we lost one of our babies. I remember the ache I would feel when I walked past our babies’ room everyday. I remember one day, I crumbled on the floor, stared up at the ceiling with tears streaming down my face and pleaded with God to keep my other baby boy safe and healthy. I begged him.

If you’ve been here awhile, you know our other baby boy, Jackson, was born 3 months early and endured 75 days in the NICU, but today he is a healthy and thriving little man. And today, he calls this room his. We spend a lot of time in Jackson’s room and I think of that day on the floor often. It’s hard to believe less than one year ago I wasn’t sure I’d ever be a Mom and I thank God for my baby everyday.

Jackson’s room is special to me. The colors are peaceful and serene, the décor is simple and I think it’s a spot he’ll love growing into. Here are all the details!

I wanted to choose a design that wasn’t baby-specific, one that would be able to grow with a growing boy. Finding a rug that I liked was the hardest part in designing this bedroom but I finally found one with blue, gray and yellow colors at Lowes that was perfect. I highly recommend picking a rug first and then matching paint colors to your rug. We landed on a neutral gray color for the walls and one blue accent wall that really draws out the blues from the rug.

You can’t go wrong with white furniture as it matches just about everything. We got this crib and mattress from Pottery Barn and the dresser (see below) was a hand-me-down from a friend.

I wanted a cozy rocking chair and struggled to find a traditional one! Pottery barn had some cute looking rocking chairs but when I sat in one, it wasn’t comfortable and the wooden rockers were clunky. Instead we tried out their gliders and I’m so glad we did! They are comfortable, come in multiple different colors, have ottoman options to add and move so smoothly. The one we bought is no longer available but here is a similar option. We got both our glider and ottoman in “Brushed Chenille Fog.”

Since Jackson’s book collection started long before he was born, we needed a bookshelf! I found this one at Home Sense and love how the warm brown pops in the corner amongst all the white furniture.

We added this fun light fixture from Lowes and this mirror from Target.

I wanted some wall art on our accent wall and could not find anything I liked online or in stores so decided to create my own. I used Smallwood Home to create these custom Winnie the Pooh quote signs and love how they turned out. I’ve created many signs and canvas photos using Smallwood Home and bought their pre-made signs – all of which are beautiful. They are affordable, always have sales and create great products. Highly recommend.

Of course we had to add some photos to his room! I’ve used these frames from Michael’s for multiple different locations in our home (including my picture wall). For Jackson’s room I used the 11×14 frame with 8×10 size photos from our newborn photoshoot.

Babies require a lot of stuff and I knew I would need multiple different storage items. My favorite is this rolling cart from Ikea that sits next to the changing table. I keep it stocked with everything I need to change or clean my baby. These white baskets from Target come in multiple sizes and help keep the cart organized. I even use them in drawers for socks, booties, pacifiers, etc.

You’ll likely have multiple different size baby clothes that you need a place for. Instead of taking up dresser space or hanging up sizes that are too big for my baby, I bought this Ikea storage system (frame and baskets). It’s super handy for extra clothes but also for extra diapers, wipes, or whatever else needs a place.

Jackson’s room is now filled with light and everyday we make happy memories between its four walls. He has made our dreams of having a family come true.

Love, Jessica


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  1. Jessica, I know you don’t know this but when you were in the hospital, babies fighting for their little lives, your husband, brother curtis and I don’t remember who else was there but I said regardless what you believe or don’t please let us join hands and pray fir those innocent babies!

    We all did, with sadness in our hearts, love for you and for those babies we joined hands and also asked God to be with you and your babies!
    God did answer our prayers!

    May God always Bless you, Ben , Jackson and all those who will follow Jackson!

    Especially a blessing for Brantley!

    I love you very much and your family!

    My heart broke when you told this story especially with you on the floor!

    The pain of Loss is awful!

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