Happy Birthday, my love.


Tomorrow is your birthday and I can’t think of anyone worth celebrating more than you. You are selfless and kind, trustworthy and loyal, dependable and humble. You are loving and compassionate, hardworking and brave, patient and fair. You make me laugh so hard I cry, you comfort me when I’m sad, you fix things I break and you put up with all my nonsense. You are the best husband, dog dad, son, brother, uncle and friend. You have a fierce determination and an adventurous soul. You are a dreamer but also never afraid to put in the work to achieve your goals. Your carefree spirit is contagious and your blue eyes are enough to melt anyone’s heart. The world needs more people like you.

Very often I wonder, how I ever became so blessed that you chose me to spend all your days with. This year has been an interesting one, to say the least.. but there is no one else I’d rather standing next to me than you. Despite you recovering from a torn ACL, the covid pandemic, infertility issues and complete chaos ensuing all around us, we’ve still managed to live each day to it’s fullest. We traveled to the Berkshires, Nantucket and Newport. We settled into our home and hosted celebrations, holidays and parties. We watched so many sunsets, climbed mountains, biked for miles, kayaked and watched the stars. We read books next to each other, danced around the kitchen, enjoyed quiet dinners at home, drank a lot of bourbon and watched the hummingbirds. It’s been a year we’ll never forever.

You are my superman, my knight in shining armor, my partner in crime (and ice cream eating), my comrade in adventures and, most importantly, my best friend. Life would be utterly boring without you by my side.

Happy birthday Benjamin. I love you with my whole heart. Here’s to another year of memory make and dream chasing. May 33 be your best one yet!

Love, Jessica


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