Ways to Simplify Your Life

Does life ever feel overwhelming? Like you’re pulled in 19 directions at once and nearly certain you wouldn’t be able to handle one. more. thing? Some times it’s just not easy juggling work responsibilities, paying bills on time, keeping your house in order all the while trying to maintain some sort of social life.

It’s a lot!

Life ebbs and flows.. we all have times we feel invincible and others we’re falling apart. Times we can handle the weight of the world and others when we’re sinking. This is normal. So normal. Life isn’t supposed to be a cake walk! But I’ve found some strategies that, even during those difficult days, really help me. They remove distractions, bring balance and allow me to truly enjoy and appreciate the simple, but most important aspects of my life.

I hope they’ll offer you some relief too!

Simplify your time commitments.

Time is precious and we only get so many minutes in our lives before it runs out. Use it wisely. Learn to say “no” to events you don’t want to attend. Make time for hobbies that bring you joy. Surround yourself with only people who make you happy and bring positivity to your life. Spend time alone and time in nature.

Simplify your screen time.

We are all guilty of spending FAR too much time looking into a computer, television or phone screen each day. Reduce cellphone apps and unsubscribe from emails. Instead of watching television at night, spend evenings reading, playing games, going for a walk and actually talking to your family.

Simplify your possessions.

It’s easy to accumulate STUFF. We all do it. We all have clothes we never wear, books we never read, decorations we never display, beauty products we never apply.. the list goes on and on. So why do we keep these things? Because we MIGHT use them one day? Well, chances are you won’t and they’re just taking up space. Get. Rid. Of. Them. Twice a year I clean out my closet and donate items I don’t use.. it’s so refreshing and always rewarding to help someone in need. Less stuff will allow you to appreciate the things you have and you’ll likely be more aware of items you actually need, in turn, saving you money from buying those unnecessary ones.

Simplify your diet.

Eat less refined and processed foods and more fruits, vegetables, whole grains and meats. Drink more water. You’ll feel so much better!

Simplify your thoughts.

Stop wasting precious minutes stressing about things you can’t control. Stop wasting time worrying about the opinion of others. Life is too short for jealousy, bitterness, hate and negativity. Instead, fill your mind with as many positive thoughts as you possibly can.

Simplify your words.

Avoid gossip and drama at. all. cost. It will bring nothing good into your life, I promise. Think before your speak and say only what you mean. If a hurtful or judgmental thought crosses your mind, don’t say it aloud. With your words, lift people up instead of tearing them down.

Love, Jessica



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