Weekend Reads

Do you ever sleep horribly for too many nights in a row and feel like you just can’t catch up? And then your coaches make you do really hard workouts? And then you are injecting hormones into your belly nightly because why would it be easy for you to get pregnant? And then, come Friday, it feels like you got hit by a bus? Welcome to my week! It’s been rough. Needless to say, I’m beyond happy it’s Friday because after getting out of work this morning, I have 3 glorious days off.

A crazy summer storm hit New England this week and, although it left quite a mess in our yard, it took away so much humidity which I (and my dogs) was very grateful for. I’m looking forward to doing nothing but reading, writing and relaxing today followed by an afternoon adventure to an oyster farm (details to follow) on Saturday and blueberry pancakes and coffee on Sunday morning.

I hope you have a lovely and relaxing weekend. Here are some interesting articles to start your Friday!

Bathroom Floor Tile Stickers Are a Renter’s Best Friend .. such an inexpensive and easy way to spice up a room

10 Things to Do in Your Garden in August .. I’m about ready for # 3 and 6

31 Recipes to Make in August .. drooling 

Back to School Planning .. checklist to guide parents, guardians and caregivers

Cape Cod Great White Shark Safety .. these mysterious monsters are very much around us. Be smart when you enter their home.

Shark Week .. schedule for Discovery’s much anticipated week of television

Love, Jessica


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