August: Simplicity

Life is busy and fast. One day we’re studying for our high school math test and the next moment, it seems, we’re buying our first home, getting married, having children and trying to navigate through the chaos. And between the madness, it’s really easy to lose sight of how amazing life is.. how much happiness and peace can be found in the little things. We’re so wrapped up in the day to day craziness that we so often miss the everyday magic and blessings that surround us.

This year has been extremely trying for us all. But along with the difficult times, it brought many of us something good. 2020 has reminded many people how fragile life can be and how we should try so very hard to not take it for granted.

It has forced us to slow down and, in doing so, has brought simple and forgotten pleasures back to light. Home cooked bread, family game night and evening walks. We haven’t been able to go to parties, sporting events or concerts but we have resumed hobbies we neglected for years.. painting, reading, gardening, fishing. We have finally had the time to finish home projects and organize our closets. 2020 has been hard but it has inevitably reminded us that simplicity is refreshing.

This month, I encourage you to soak up all the simple pleasures in your life.

To drink your morning coffee with the sunrise and no where to go. To spend more time with your family and close friends instead of working extra hours to afford things you don’t need. To read a book instead of watching another mindless show on Netflix. To cook healthy food to nourish your body instead of lose weight. To notice the birds and the flowers and the golden glow the sun casts on the trees. To stop and breath deeply.

“Be a simple kind of man, be something you love and understand.” Lynyrd Skynrd

Love, Jessica


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