10 Ideas for Everyday Adventures

An adventure doesn’t have to be jumping from an airplane or hanging from the side of a cliff. You can easily create adventures in your everyday life! So, in keeping with our July adventure theme, here are some simple ideas for you and your family to try.

  1. Visit a local farm. Pick your own fruit and flower farms seem to be popping up everywhere. Pick some fresh berries to make a pie or flowers to brighten up your home.

2. Picnic in your local park. Pack dinner, some drinks and a blanket. It’s so simple but something we love doing. These beautiful summer nights are limited.. take advantage of them!

3. Watch a sunrise. To me, the world seems a little more beautiful when it’s early and silent.

4. Go on a bike ride. Even a short loop around your neighborhood before work or after dinner is so refreshing.

5. Visit a local farmer’s market. I love finding flowers, fresh vegetables, bread and local cheeses. Plus, it’s always rewarding to support your local businesses.

6. Try a new sport. Hiking, tennis and fishing are relatively inexpensive but lots of fun. If you have access to water, consider kayaking or stand-up paddle boarding.

7. Be a tourist in your own town. Visit a historic site, take a guided tour or try a new restaurant. Be sure to snap lots of photos!

8. Visit a local winery or brewery. Need I say more?

9. Camp in your backyard. Set up a tent, make s’mores, stargaze and tell ghost stories.

10. Take a road trip, even if it’s for a day. Pick an area you’ve never been, leave your house early and spend the entire day exploring.

Now get out there and enjoy all this beautiful summer has to offer!

Love, Jessica


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