Law Enforcement Survival Kit

The world is going absolutely crazy. People have completely lost their mind. Somehow, in the United States of America, it has become acceptable to riot and loot, steal and destroy. Men and women who entered a career to help people have become the enemy. Our police officers, our heroes in blue, leave for work with a target on their backs and, although not a single one will likely admit it, times are scary.

Trying days like these make it hard to remember why they entered such a selfless field. Why they lace up their boots and leave their families behind. Why they miss holidays and weekends, birthdays and baseball games, nighttime stories and morning routines. Why they leave the ones they love the most to defend and support people they’ve never met.

Let’s be honest with ourselves.. most of us could never do their job. Most of us rely on police officers for protection. Most of us have called them when we have no one else to turn to. When we are afraid. When we are in danger. When we need medical attention. When we are in the most vulnerable place we’ve ever been. And every single time we call, they come without question. I don’t know about you, but I haven’t met many people that are this reliable.

Now more than ever, we need to remind our every day heroes that we see them. We see them showing up every day despite being hated by much of the public. We see them just trying to do their job while under constant scrutiny of a camera and social media. We see them standing up ever time the world tries to knock them down. We see them keeping their cool in spite of constant instigation. We see the goodness in their hearts regardless of how much the media crucifies their character. We see that they are tired and frustrated, hurting and misunderstood. We see their bravery and recognize their sacrifices. We see them and we appreciate them.

Small acts of kindness towards our police officers go a long way. Try doing something simple like waving to them or sending cards made by your children to the station. Deliver coffee and donuts, sandwiches or pizza. If you see them in a take out line, pay for their meal.

And if you’re feeling extra sweet, recreate and deliver this simple basket of treats. It’s super easy to put together and a little candy is sure to brighten anyone’s day.

Love, Jessica




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