10 Things To Do During Social Distancing

If you’re a responsible citizen, you have more or less quarantined yourself at home and limited contact with people (and if you haven’t, well you should). Now what? What are you supposed to do so you don’t slowly lose your mind?

My lovely friend Abby suggested I post a to do list for you all and that is exactly what I’ve done (thanks for the idea!). Instead of thinking of this isolation as solely a negative thing, try turning it into something good, something productive. Use these days to accomplish tasks you’ve been meaning to get done but haven’t had the time.. because now that’s all you seem to have.

Below are ideas that I hope will jump start you and some things I plan to do when I’m not at work.. because Lord knows I’m really bad at being stuck at home.

1. Yard work. Use these days to start prepping your lawns and gardens for the upcoming season. Get that raking, weeding and cleaning done before we’re able to actually enjoy Spring.

2. Gardening. I’m really hoping to get into gardening this year and have even tasked hubby with making us raised garden beds.. but since it’s too early to plant outside, try starting some plants from seeds indoors.

3. House projects. Check some things off the honey-do-list while you have the chance. Tackle that room you’ve been meaning to paint. Rearrange furniture. Start Spring cleaning and decorating.

4. Read. Escape from reality for awhile inside a book. I recently read “Big Magic” and highly recommend if you’re looking for something to lift your spirit.

5. Bake. There’s something about warm food baking in the oven that comforts us all. Make chocolate chip cookies or bake some fresh bread or muffins.. hell, bake a cake because every day you wake up healthy is a reason to celebrate.

Today I baked this Lemon poppy seed cake which was delicious and relatively healthy. I also plan on making these Blueberry swirl coffee cake muffins this weekend.

6. Get outside. Go for a walk around your neighborhood. Hike a trail or mountain close by. The fresh air does us all good and helps clear our minds.

7. Exercise. Just because your gym is likely closed doesn’t mean you can’t exercise. Google at home, body weight workouts and you’re sure to find plenty! Also, I recently read some great ideas for improvised equipment at home. Paint cans as kettlebells, leggings as resistance bands, step stools for boxes, and basically anything you can lift can be used as a weight. Thanks for the ideas Maureen!

8. Meditate. Whether we’re willing to admit it or not, everyone is a little on edge and anxious these days. The unknown is scary and not one of us can accurately predict our future right now. Meditation can help ease your anxiety and fear. Try using the app “Calm”.. it offers guided meditations, calming music and even sleep stories (which we use often to help us fall soundly asleep).

9. Make a puzzle or plan a family game night. How often is your entire family home at the same time to enjoy each other’s company? Probably next to never.. so take advantage of your time together. It’s precious.

10. Netflix and chill. Hubby tells me this is code for fresh things but I’m pretty sure it means what it says.. watch Netflix and chill the f*ck out. Catch up on your favorite shows! We recently watched “Safe”, “The Stranger”, “Locke & Key”, “Stranger Things” and “Virgin River”.. all of which I enjoyed.. and I’m excited that “Ozark” is coming out with season 3 in a week!



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