My Instagram life.

I had a friend reach out to me after my last post about our infertility struggles completely shocked. He wrote, “I thought you lived a perfect life. All your vacations, weekend trips, the dogs, new house, the wedding, everything.. the Instagram. I had no idea you were going through this.”

This is a prime example of how social media can portray falsehoods. No one posts their worst days. The days their eyes are puffy from crying. The meals they cook that are disgusting. The outfits that are unflattering. The arguments with their loved ones.

For the most part, Instagram is filled with everyone’s best angles and best outfits, biggest smiles and successes and most beautiful backdrops. Which, if used in the correct way, can be a great source of inspiration. But, if used incorrectly, can be our biggest demise.

No one lives a perfect life. Not one single person. Ever in the history of the world. Not ever. But, if I’m being completely honest, I do feel extremely blessed. I truly believe my life is imperfectly perfect in every way.. including our infertility issues. I’m learning to embrace the difficult times and, in turn, I appreciate the good so much more.

My life is great. Call me lucky. Call me spoiled. Call me whatever the hell you want. But it’s great because I work hard and I choose for it to be great. That’s right, I said choose. It really is that simple. I promise you this.. no matter how terrible you believe your life to be right now.. if you make the conscious decision every day to be happy.. if you work your butt off.. if you get up every time life knocks you down.. and if you stay humble.. good things will happen and you will find your own version of happiness. Try it and see for yourself.

So, with all that being said, my Instagram is a great depiction of my life, but it is not everything. It is simply memories I want to look back and remember. And my feed is filled with things that inspire me.. quotes, beautiful places, delicious food, history, animals, gardens, CrossFit and badass people that make me want to be a better version of myself (not a version of them). A while back I made a vow to myself that if anyone I followed made me feel insecure, I would promptly unfollow them and it has been amazing. I encourage you to be the same. It’s pretty darn liberating.



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