It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

Am I the only one who feels like one month of Christmas decorations is not nearly enough time? So I tend to start decorating early.. like as early as hubby will let me.. which is usually slightly before Thanksgiving. I was spoiled growing up with a Grandma who owned a Christmas tree farm but Ben had never actually cut down his own tree before so that was our plan this year.When we arrived at the tree farm, we grabbed a saw and headed out to the fields to find our perfect tree. We searched and searched and found the most horribly shaped trees ever! It was such a let down because there was no way we were cutting down one of those trees but, thankfully, they had a large supply of beautiful pre-cut trees. So my mountain man didn’t get to cut down his Christmas tree but still carried it around like a champ.Despite the lack of trees to cut down, the farm was still really cute and complete with a gift barn, wreaths and garland, lots of places for photos, a snack truck and free hot chocolate and warm apple cider.img_2333This is our first Christmas season in our new home and it feels so special. Every corning is decorated with sparkling lights and trees, we almost always have a fresh supply of cookies baked and it’s so cozy.




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