A look inside my grocery cart

Is it just me or do you guys find yourselves glimpsing over into other people’s grocery carts to see when kind of food their buying? And then my mind wanders to what they’re planning to cook with that chicken (because chicken is always so boring) and how one even goes about pronouncing, never mind cooking, gnocchi (because the only time I made it, it looked like slop). And the carts that are filled with processed food I want to stop and tell them to buy some vegetables. The carts with only healthy food I want to sneak in a box of cookies. I can’t be the only crazy person doing these sort of things in a grocery store!

So let’s take a look inside my grocery cart…

For breakfast on work days, we usually each make a slice of toast with peanut butter and grab a yogurt for the road. On days we have time to cook a real breakfast, we stick to the basics: eggs and bacon.

For lunch and dinner, we live on ground turkey and chicken. This week I got crazy and bought a package of ground bison to make burgers… you know, really living life on the edge over here. Once in a while I’ll get even more wild and make tuna cakes (kind of like crab cakes).

Carbs consist of rice and couscous. Couscous is SOOO easy to make (it literally takes 5 minutes) and adds some flavor to our kind of bland meals.

For vegetables we stick to broccoli, sautéed spinach and roasted brussel sprouts. I usually make a small tomato salad with breakfast and we always bring an apple or mandarin to work as a snack.

Our cravings for actual snacks differ depending on the week. Lately we’ve been really into cereal, Ben takes these 88 Acres bars to work and we always have some sort of cheddar cheese on hand for wine nights.

And finally, my chocolate fix.. hot chocolate.


  1. Jess if you like Collie flower by a fresh head trim and chop in small pieces lik rice. e. Put olive oil and some garlic in a pan heat and sauté. I like it with a little soy sauce salt and pepper delicious simple quick . If you like cabbage do the same with the cabbage cut it in thin strips sauté it in chicken broth. Splash a little vinegar. Vinegar is great for the gut. You probably know that I love you


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