10 Ways to Live a Healthier Life in 2019

can you believe it’s already 2019??? it’s complete craziness!

the new year always reminds us to set goals and attempt to make healthy lifestyle changes.. and while i’m the first to get annoyed at a crowded gym every january (because i’m not-so-secretly an impatient introvert), i also think its fabulous! although it may be inconvenient for some of us to have to share the leg press machine or squat rack, it’s for a good reason.. people trying to better themselves.

now, these people need to make exercising a habit and the rest of us need to be more patient.. i promise, i’m really going to try!

with this being said, i think it’s important to make realistic goals for ourselves in the coming year.. ones that don’t set us up for failure. and small lifestyle changes can make a world of difference! i plan to embrace these habits in the months ahead and create the best version of myself.

  1. spend time alone: reading, walking, meditating, etc.
  2. drink lots and lots of waterand when you think you’ve probably had enough, drink some more.
  3. limit sugar: but indulge every now and then.
  4. surround yourself with positive people: we become like those we are closest to.
  5. limit alcohol: enough said.
  6. sleep enough: and embrace better sleep habits.
  7. listen to your body: rest when you’re tire, eat when you’re hungry, cry when you’re sad.
  8. challenge yourself: learn a new hobby, push yourself in a workout, read more books.
  9. exercise regularly: find something that works for you and make it a habit.
  10. be nice to yourself: this is most important. don’t compare yourself to those you see on social media, compliment yourself and stop being your own worst enemy!

2019 will be the best year yet!

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