Kringle Candle Double Date

you know those in laws that drive you crazy? that you dread spending the holidays with? the ones they create movies about? well, thank goodness i don’t have that kind.. my brother and sister-in-law are amazing!

but unfortunately, our lives are so darn busy and we don’t spend nearly enough time together.. so this year we decided a festive date would be our gift to each other. we had so much fun and hopefully will be making this a tradition for years to come.

it’s so easy to get wrapped up in gifts at christmas time and even easier to forget what the holiday is all about. as i’m getting older (you know, at the ripe old age of 29), i’m realizing how important it is to spend time with people i love and how unimportant materialistic things are. these memories created with family and friends are far more meaningful than anything we could wrap.

my brother-in-law, sister-in-law, husband and i all share a love for kringle candles.. i know, i know.. a date to a candle store sounds strange.. but kringle candle’s location in bernardston, ma has created a little village that makes you feel like you’re in a christmas wonderland. of course there are lots of candles to buy but they also have home décor, beautiful christmas trees, a sweet shoppe and an amazing restaurant – all surrounded by sparkling white lights.

we made sure to load up on candles and fudge before dinner..i’m pretty sure i smelled every single scent in this place.. dinner was at an amazing restaurant called the farm table. created in a farmhouse built in 1800, the atmosphere was cozy and rustic with brick fireplaces, stone walls, barn wood beams and dark lighting. perfect for a cold winter night. and, of course, the food was took us a little over an hour to drive there but kringle candle is most definitely a place to visit at christmas time if you live in new england.. especially if you have good company to catch up with in the car!

Love, Jessica


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