Thanksgiving, Black Friday & Friendsgiving 2018

is anyone else still stuff from all the turkey, sweet potato casserole and apple pie they ate on thursday? this girl definitely is and i’m totally cool with that!

my cousin is amazing.. 5 kids and still managed to host about 30 people for a delicious thanksgiving dinner.. i always find that the trickiest part of entertaining is making sure all the food is served hot and she pulled it off!

i am lucky to have been surrounded by so much family on thanksgiving.. it’s easy to take these blessings for granted. but as we sat at the dinner table and stuffed our faces with too much food, i tried to really appreciate the day. my family. our health. the opportunity to be together (which is tougher and tougher as we get older). the food. the laughter. as my cousin stated, we are better off than 95% of the world.. so many people don’t have family or a welcoming home or a warm meal to enjoy on the holidays. i am really trying extra hard to remember that this year and to appreciate these moments.

my morning started with crossfit. i really don’t think there is a better way to start a day than with a hard workout surrounded by friends.. and running in 10 degree weather.. that’ll wake ya up.. and make you run faster.

after the workout, a few crazy people carried on the tradition of running a beer mile.. which was entertaining to watch and not partake in. i would have died. they had to chug a beer, run 1/4 mile, chug a beer, run 1/4 mile, chug a beer, run 1/4 mile, and finally chug a beer and run 1/4 mile. 10 degree weather, four beers, one mile and no vomiting in under 12 minutes.. sweet jesus. not gonna lie.. i was impressed.

unfortunately my hubby had to work so after crossfit i headed to my cousins for dinner with my family. we have a tradition at dinner of everyone saying what they’re thankful for.. it’s my least favorite part of the day because you’re put on the spot and inevitably someone cries and i don’t do crying well.. it’s awkward and uncomfortable.. but we all survived another year!

my brothers drive me crazy but i love when we all can be under the same roof.

my favorite little girl has the best baby style and was dressed better than everyone..

and, as always, made me laugh.. as she tried to wiggle away at dinner!

and this guy! when he grew up, i do not know but he’s so handsome!

after dessert at my cousins, i headed home to pick up ben and off we went for more dessert at his aunt’s house. you can never have too much dessert, in my opinion.

then we hurried home so he could go back to work (stupid) and i could take a quick nap before black friday shopping!

my mom and i started at 1am (after i accidentally shut my alarm off and woke up to her calling and wondering where i was!) at kohls in 10 degree weather (my goodness, it was cold) –> wrentham outlets –> natick mall –> marshalls –> pass out for hours on the couch. we had so much fun and accomplished a lot of christmas shopping.. and i probably may have bought a lot of stuff for myself.. but, hey, you can’t turn down the deals!

we finished the festivities off with friendsgiving at my brother/sister in laws house.. where i heard my nephew say my name for the first time (proud auntie jess) and we all realized we were getting old when the party ended before 8pm.. and hubby and i were curled up on the couch with this view. cozy nights at home are the best.

i hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving! xo


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