Don’t stop living.

So often, prior to and while I was pregnant, people told my husband and I that our lives would be over when we had a baby. Why do people tell others this? As if it’s not scary enough to think about the responsibility of raising a child and now you have to worry about your life ending! I was always skeptical of this idea prior to having my son but never voiced my opinions because you never know until you’re in a situation how you’ll react. Well now, I’m here to tell you this warning is ridiculously and completely inaccurate. Your life changes when you have children. My goodness, does your life change so much. But it doesn’t end. In many ways, it’s just beginning as you play the biggest role in raising and molding a tiny soul. Your life is not over, it just looks a little different.

We might have skipped a couple beats as we adjusted to new parenthood and our comfort zone with a new baby expanded but we have learned that the only way to gain confidence and comfort is by doing. The first time we went out of the house with our son (for an hour lunch date 15 minutes from home), we spent more time preparing to leave and I’m pretty sure we packed his entire room. Now, we strap him in the car seat, grab his pre-packed diaper bag and leave in minutes.

So don’t listen to people because everyone’s experience is different and having a baby is all about what you make of it. Sure, a tiny human is a lot of work and you will never be more tired in your entire life but they are adaptable and learn from their experiences. So pack your entire house if that makes you feel better but go out to restaurants, take the trip, go on the tour, visit your friend, continue living your best life and smile back at every evil eye you receive from strangers (because their opinions don’t matter).

Here is Jackson on some of his adventures, living his best baby life.

Our first time out of the house for lunch.
First brewery.
All ready for Christmas shopping!
First overnight away from home in Boston.
First trip to Newport.
Portland, Maine.
Tulip picking.
Fancy restaurants.
First airplane ride!
A ghost tour in New Orleans.
An alligator tour.
A hike up Mount Wachusett.
Seaside in Newport.
Railroad excursion.
Botanical garden.
More Boston.

And we’re just getting started!

Summer is here, the weather is warm, and there isn’t a better time to get out. My hopes with this post is to encourage you to never stop living regardless of the situation you are currently living in. Whether you have a newborn baby, experienced a recent break up, moved to a new city, or are just simply afraid to step outside your comfort zone. It’s worth it. I promise. Ten times out of ten, worth it.

Love, Jessica


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