Summer in Newport

I have a few happy places in this world and Newport tops this list. I swear every time we visit I say to my husband, “I could live here.” It’s the parks for me… where green fields meet the Atlantic… all is right in the world. I could spend hours in them walking around, watching the sailboats pass by, laying on a blanket in the grass, picnicking, reading. It’s a vibe that never gets old.

This was Jackson’s first summer trip to the coastal town (we went in the winter but it’s just not the same) and I was so excited to watch him experience all our favorite places for the first time. Sure, he’ll never remember a moment of these days, but I will. I’ll remember the way his eyes lit up as he stood (assisted) on the rocks and looked out at the ocean. I’ll remember his giggles and smiles that brought more smiles to every stranger that caught his gaze (that is often prolonged and could be mistaken for staring if he wasn’t so little and so darn cute). I’ll remember staying in bed a little longer in the mornings to snuggle with him because there was no where else we had to be. I’ll remember the sunsets we experienced together… oh, those sunsets are magic.

My husband and I daydreamed for so long of the day we’d get to bring a little one along on our adventures and I’m just so grateful that time has finally come.

Packing was a breeze… just threw Jackson in a bag and we were ready to go!

There are a few breweries/wineries around Newport but Greenvale Vineyard is our favorite. We love the rustic barn vibes, think their wine is superior to Newport Vineyards and appreciate when we can bring our own snacks (make sure to stop at Sweet Berry Farm on the way for charcuterie essentials, seasonal fresh picked strawberries, baked goods, chocolate, etc).

My favorite mornings include a breakfast sandwich and coffee at Mokka Coffeehouse followed by a walk with the pups around Fort Adams State Park.

See what I mean by green fields meet the Atlantic? Does it get any better?

Almost got everyone’s heads in the picture… almost.

One night we met up with some family at Brenton Point State Park for a sunset picnic dinner. The views are enough to take your breath away.

We’re always looking to try something new so decided to book a Rail Explorer excursion which ended up being a lot of fun. Thankfully, pedaling didn’t require too much effort because Ben had to do most of the work solo while I entertained Jackson. At the turnaround point, we all stopped for a break, some water and pretty views.

He is just the best daddy in the whole wide world. Ask Jackson, he agrees.

I hope this summer is being good to you all. Enjoy every last moment of it!

Love, Jessica


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