Flying & Traveling with Baby

My husband and I have always enjoyed traveling together and we couldn’t wait to start bringing our son along on these adventures. Don’t listen to all those people that tell you your life is over when you have children. It’s not over unless you want or allow it to be. Kids are portable and will adapt and adjust if you expose them to different surroundings. With that being said, the overwhelming part can be figuring out what to bring for your tiny human. Although they might be light, it’s challenging to pack light for them!

Through trial and error and multiple trips we now have a pretty efficient system when packing and traveling with our son. My best advise is to just take the trip. Book the hotel. Pack the bags. Load the car. And just do it. Each time will get easier as you become more comfortable traveling with your baby. And if you forget something, you can always find a store when you arrive at your destination. Here are some of the tips we use when flying along with our favorite products.


  1. Don’t worry about everyone else. Your baby might fuss or cry or even scream on the plane and that’s okay. You will likely get some dirty looks from your neighbors and that’s okay too. Although there are some tricks you can try to limit the meltdowns, babies will be babies and sometimes they cry. This shouldn’t preclude you from traveling with your family and if people can’t empathize, well, screw them.
  2. Time your travel right. If at all possible, book a direct flight around meal and nap time. Not only will this keep them occupied and limit free time for crying, the swallowing motion will help their ears adjust to the changes in air pressure which can be uncomfortable.
  3. Don’t wait. You will never feel comfortable until you try and the more you expose your baby to, the more adaptable they will become. So just book the damn trip.

What to carry on the plane with you.

  1. Carry on bags. Most airlines allow you to bring your carry on bag, personal item and an additional diaper bag. Make sure to pack essential items in case your luggage gets lost.
    1. Diaper bag
    2. Diapers and wipes
    3. Extra outfit or two
    4. Formula/breastmilk/bottles
    5. Nursing/pumping cover
    6. Pump with battery pack and car plug
    7. Quick clean wipes for pump
  2. Stroller. Keeping your stroller with you can make maneuvering through the airport easier as it allows a spot for your baby to sit and storage for smaller carry-on items. Once you arrive at your gate, check in with the airlines and they will give you a tag which allows you to leave the stroller at the airplane door upon boarding and it will be there waiting for you when you de-board.
    1. Stroller – We love this stroller for its ample storage space and smooth ride.
    2. Stroller bag – Perfect to cover and protect your stroller while on the plane. It is large enough to fit all strollers and packs up into a small/compact bag when not in use.
  3. Car seat. We keep our infant car seat with us as it easily connects to our stroller and, like the stroller, can also be left at the airplane door when we board. You may want to consider checking large/toddler car seats so you don’t need to carry them around the airport.
    1. Car seat – Most car seats come with a base (including this one) but one of the many reasons we chose this particular one is because it doesn’t require a base to safely buckle into the car. One less thing to remember/carry and allows us to easily jump in an Uber.
    2. Car seat bag – Similar to the stroller bag and works great.

Other items to pack

  1. Food & feeding supplies.
    1. Formula: Bring enough powder to get you through the trip.
      1. We pre-measure and fill this container with powder when we leave for the day to make bottles quickly on the go.
    2. Breastmilk:
      1. If you are pumping, don’t forget to bring a cooler for expressed breastmilk and request a refrigerator in your hotel rooms for storage.
    3. Bottles: Bring enough bottles to get you through one day and clean them in your hotel room each night.
      1. Travel size dish soap
      2. Bottle sponges
  2. Out & about.
    1. Carrier for when you don’t want to push the stroller or baby needs a change of scenery.
    2. Stroller fan for those hot days when baby needs a breeze.
    3. Sunblock.
  3. Sleep.
    1. Use a crib provided by the hotel but bring a clean fitted baby sheet to cover the mattress/pad (as these usually aren’t provided).
    1. Portable sound machine.
    2. Sleep suit or whatever your baby is used to sleeping in at home.
  4. Clothes & bath.
    1. Instead of packing excess clothes, bring a travel size baby detergent and wash items in the sink at night. They are tiny and will dry super fast!
    2. Jackson has his own toiletry bag with travel size products that is pre-packed and ready for our next adventure.
      1. Travel containers.

Happy travels!

Love, Jessica

* This post contains some affiliate links and I may be compensated but all opinions are my own!


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