My Spring 2022 Bucket List

There is something about the Spring that rejuvenates me. The daylight that lingers late into the evening hours, the first green sprouts poking through the softened Earth, the warm sunshine and crisp breeze, the smell of a sizzling grill that carries through our neighborhood, the birds chirping and busy readying themselves for a new season. It’s the promise of a new start, new life, new memories. It awakens my soul after a long New England winter.

Since my son was born, I’ve been trying to live more intentionally. As they say, the days are long but the years are short and I’m already feeling this after only 6 months with him! Time moves so fast and if we don’t take the time to enjoy it, it’s sure to pass us by. Since becoming a Mom, it’s a little more difficult to be spontaneous but I’ve found that if I plan things in advance, I’m more likely to carry them out. Each season I plan to write out a bucket list as motivation and a source of inspiration for free days in need of adventure.

Although it’s not officially Spring quite yet, Daylight Savings Time seems close enough to me! Here’s what our Spring is going to look like..

Enjoy an afternoon on the Newport Cliffwalk during daffodil season
Hike Mount Wachusett
Day trip to Boston for a picnic lunch in the Public Garden
Get our first ice cream cone of the year
Fire up the grill for pizza night
Bring Jackson to the beach for the first time
Visit a local winery
Color Easter eggs
Try making Joanna Gaines’ biscuit recipe with strawberry jam
Find a good spot to watch the sunset
Visit a farmers market
Plant tomatoes and herbs
Yard clean-up
Strawberry picking
Visit our town’s newly renovated library
Set up our bird feeders
Pictures with Jackson and the Easter bunny
Visit a tulip farm

Love, Jessica


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