Jackson Ryder

My due date was November 27, so you can imagine our surprise when our baby boy decided he wanted to share a birthday with Dad..

Jackson Ryder was born at 27 weeks on August 28, weighting 2lb 5.6 oz. Words just don’t seem adequate to describe this new found love I have for my sweet boy but he has completely taken over my heart.

Jackson has a long road ahead of him in the NICU but has already started showing his strength and resilience. He is small but he is so mighty.

“Sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.” Winnie the Pooh

Love, Jessica



  1. Congratulations Jessica and Ben on your bundle of joy … preemies thrive and become healthy. chunky big boys or girls … Best of luck always and we are so happy for both of you.. love Roberta & Bill


  2. Jessica, best of wishes to you and Ben and your beautiful little boy and to your Mom too. Think positive and all will be well.!


  3. Jessica MightyJackson is a special gift. He is one lucky little guy to someday call you Mom. His sweet little being Will one day make you and Ben so proud as we are of you two today. One oz at a time. Love you very much. Auntie Jeanne


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