Two Year Wedding Anniversary

It’s been two years since my husband and I exchanged our wedding vows on a beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic. Some days, it seems like just a few months ago we were packing our bags and heading to an island with our family and closest friends. Other days, it feels like a lifetime ago.

So much has changed in our lives in two years. Back then, we were blissfully unaware of the challenges we’d soon be facing in multiple areas of our lives. Sometimes, these struggles break people.. sometimes you grow and drift apart and relationships crumble. But in the last two years, I can’t think of a better partner to have by my side through every single moment. The good and bad days, the times of struggle and sadness, the moments of pure happiness and adventures. I married my best friend two years ago and our bond has only strengthened.

Our second year of marriage has been one we will never forget. Ben had and recovered from ACL reconstruction surgery, we settled into our new home and hosted numerous parties, sold our rental property, explored New England, hiked and biked for miles, ate loads of ice cream, continued our IVF journey, laughed a lot, cried some, watched so many sunsets and dealt with the coronavirus. It’s been a roller-coaster-kind-of-year but we have continued to build a life we love together and it has been nothing short of amazing.

To me, even after all this time, being with him is like being home. Like stepping out of the bitter cold and into a warm room with a fire lit. A place where I can be myself. A safe haven. A place I never want to leave.

Thank you for being this for me. Happy Anniversary, my love.

Love, Jessica


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  1. Happy Anniversary Jess and Ben …. You both were meant to be for a lifetime .. greater things will be happening when you least expect it .. Enjoy the day and year ahead . Love Berta & Bill


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