September: Purpose

Oh, September. How lovely you are.

For me, September has always been the start of a season synonymous with change, letting go and routine. The warm and carefree summer months give way to a more crisp and structured fall. It always brings me back to my school days.. the excitement of a backpack filled with empty notebooks and sharp pencils, a new outfit for my first day, the start of cross country season, wandering along the orange tinted tree lined paths of my college campus. These days, with school such a distant part of my past, I also feel so much excitement for all the other things fall has to offer. Apple picking, bonfires, sweaters, festivals and a warm mug of coffee. The coziness that comes alive as I splash hues of orange throughout each room of my home.

A couple months ago, I started coming up with a theme for each month.. a concept that helps me to keep focused despite the constant chaos surrounding my (and your) world. An idea that reminds me to live each of my days in a way that will make me happy and leave little room for regret. I hope these themes have helped you as much as they’ve helped me.

For September, I chose purpose.

People often talk about finding their purpose in life and, sometimes, this can be stressful and anxiety-driven. Do you ever look in the mirror and wonder why you’re on this earth? What legacy will you leave behind? Will what you do actually matter? Probably at some point or another, we all have had these thoughts.

But what if we look at purpose in a different way? What if, instead of making it this destination we must arrive at or else we failed, we think of it as a journey?

What if instead of worrying about finding your purpose, you focus your energy on living your life on purpose.

There are approximately 7.8 billion people in this world so, let’s face it, we’re not all going to leave a legendary mark. We won’t all break a record or make prime time news or answer a divine calling. But, despite how small this likely makes you feel, we were still all put on this earth for a reason. Maybe that reason is to raise your children, build your business or simply tend to your garden. Maybe you will have many purposes in life and maybe some overlap while others are independent of each other.

Our purpose isn’t just something we arrive at one day and then that’s the end. Instead, it is a journey that we must figure out along the way. It ebbs and flows and sometimes even takes sharp turns. It is often uncertain and trialing but nothing is ever permanent. Life is certain in the fact that tomorrow will always bring change. And it’s important to remember that we are all on our own version of this journey. We are all figuring things out along the way and none of us have truly arrived at a destination. And as we continue along, it is pivotal that we live our days with purpose and intention.

By living a more intentional life on purpose, you will be more acutely aware of your actions and make more thoughtful decisions. It will help you cultivate more of the things that bring joy and meaning to your life. It will help you step out of autopilot, slow down and get rid of all the extra noise, in turn allowing you to better see the things you actually value. It will help you focus more on your personal morals in life and live accordingly.

So, this month, I challenge you to REALLY think about the things that bring you happiness. The things that motivate you to get out of bed every morning. The people that enhance your life. And then, gravitate towards those things.

Happy September!

Love, Jessica


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