31 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Me

Happy birthday to me! 31 years around the sun.. holy cow. I feel like it was just last year I was an awkward and out of place high school student trying desperately (and failing) to fit in. Funny how much has changed. It’s an amazing thing to grow and mature and become your own person. And, so far, I’m really proud of that woman. She has struggled and worked hard and failed and gotten back up and succeeded and laughed a lot and cried some. She has removed negativity and drama and discovered what is truly important in her life.

So in honor of all 31 years, here are 31 things you probably didn’t know about me.

1. I’m terrified of snakes.

2. I recently acquired a taste for bourbon over wine.

3. When I’m home alone, I’m always listening to “Norah Jones Radio” on Pandora.

4. I have an extremely difficult time relaxing.

5. I don’t care what people think of me.

6. This is my third blog.

7. I’m not allergic to anything (that I know of).

8. For my last meal on this earth I want to eat oysters, sushi and warm chocolate chip cookies.

9. I got caught skipping class in high school and had to go to a Saturday detention – my 31 year old self is still disappointed.

10. When I’m in a funk, fresh air almost always make me feel better.

11. I met my husband online.. Tinder if you must know.

12. When I was 7 I put my hand through a window because my cousins locked me in the living room and I wanted to be in the kitchen with the “big kids.” I still have a cool scar on my wrist to show for it.

13. I’m shy.

14. I work well under pressure.

15. I hate procrastinating.

16. I have been a physician assistant in the intensive care unit for about 6 years.

17. I’m really bad at remembering names.

18. I always fall asleep watching TV or movies.

19. My favorite book series is Harry Potter.

20. I’ve never colored my hair.

21. I want to write a book one day.

22. I’ve never tried any drugs.. besides alcohol, if that counts.

23. I played the piano for at least 10 years. I also played violin and trumpet for a brief period of time.

24. I’m very competitive.

25. In high school I ran cross country and was on the swim team.

26. I don’t like crowds.

27. I’ve never broken a bone.

28. The National Anthem gives me chills every time I listen to it.

29. I’m a good swimmer but very hesitant of the ocean after my husband and I almost drowned in a strong rip current.

30. I’ve been sky diving.

31. I’m part English, German, French Canadian, Mohawk Indian, Polish and Irish.

Love, Jessica



  1. Great blog .. as usual .. Ben is the lucky one to have found you .. Have a wonderful birthday and a great lobster dinner if you eat in a restaurant . also .. work on a cure for this covid19 . being a P A for six years .. I know you can do it~ R and B


  2. #9 regret only you got caught. That’s what “normal” kids do in high school. No guilt necessary. Remember you are human and not perfect. “God is not through with you “ yet. Your book, I predict will be a best seller. Funny, me too about the snakes. Yes, respect for the ocean. I can relate. I know of a great bourbon. I love it. We’ll talk. It goes well with cigars. (Twice- a year) No inhale. I love you so much for who you are and being so open to let everyone know. You are touching so many hearts. It gives me chills of joy. I love you Jess and remember God has something special waiting for you because you love so unconditionally. Peace will help you relax. Yoga and prayer. Xoxo


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