Evening Walks

Your day is done. You completed all your necessary tasks and now it’s time to unwind. What is the first thing that comes to mind? If you’re immediately thinking about plopping down on the couch until bedtime, I encourage you to try something new. Try going on an evening walk.

Your head is likely still racing from the day’s happenings but I don’t think there is anything that can ease your mind as much as an after dinner stroll. Set down your phone, shut off your computer and the television and

walk out the door.

Are you walking alone or did your significant other or loyal puppy decide to join? Are you stepping out onto a bustling city block or a quiet country back road? Whoever you’re with and wherever you are, find peace in the rhythm of your steps. Listen to your surroundings and breath in the sweet summer smells. Reflect on the tasks you accomplished and the things that made you smile throughout the day. Let go of all your struggles and fears.

Just be there, In the moment.

And when your steps eventually lead you back home, hopefully your mind is clearer and ready to rest for the night. Take a warm shower, put on some comfy pajamas and, maybe tonight, keep the television off and open up that book you’ve been meaning to read.

Love, Jessica


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