A Rainy Summer Date

I love cozy dates at home during the cold months, but it feels so wrong to stay inside during the summer.. like I’m wasting a precious day of sunshine and warmth. But, every once in a while the heavens pour down and give us the perfect excuse to stay inside and relax.

The other night when I left the hospital, it was sticky hot outside with a thunderstorm on the horizon.. the perfect night for a date at home with a summer spin.. in the air conditioning, of course.

We put on some comfy clothes, ordered take out from one of our favorite restaurants, made ice cream sundaes and watched a summer classic: Jaws. Neither of us had watched Jaws for years and were pleasantly reminded how well it was made considering it was the first major motion picture to be filmed on the ocean and was released in 1975! Steven Spielberg for the win! Bonus, if you live in New England, this movie is extra thrilling because it was mostly filmed on Martha’s Vineyard and we’re no stranger to shark sightings in the summer.

Sushi take out seemed fitting and we just so happened to have a bottle of Newport Vineyards’ Great White wine chilled in the refrigerator. And here’s a tip for finding the perfect date for this movie night.. don’t settle until someone looks at you like I look at ice cream (see below).

Happy rainy summer date night!

Love, Jessica

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