Weekend Reads

The weekend is so close and it looks like it’s going to be a hot one here in New England. I hope you all had a productive week and are just about ready to enjoy a couple days of relaxation by some body of water.

This week gave us a nice break from the humidity we’ve been experiencing and I was sure to take full advantage. We went on a few bike rides and walks, played tennis, ate plenty of ice cream, had a picnic dinner in the park and did lots of grilling.

It’s been a week filled with wildlife for us too. First of all, we have a snake living in our rock wall which is completely terrifying and has already shed his skin TWICE this summer. Also, we spotted a hummingbird in one of our flower boxes. And I even tried (unsuccessfully) to make friends with the baby bunny living under our deck.. apparently he’s not interested in the carrots or graham crackers I’ve been tossing his direction. Oh, AND, I’ve been spotting fireflies around our house at night which makes me so happy! I can’t remember seeing them since I was little and they’ve been popping up so much this year.. I love the way they make our yard twinkle!

Below are some articles I loved this week! Happy reading and happy Friday!

Tour: Ina Garten’s Famous Garden in East Hampton .. my garden goals, in my dreams! 

6 Plants That Naturally Repel Mosquitoes .. thankfully some of these plants are in full bloom on my deck! 

Don’t Lose Out on Your Dream Home – A Realtor’s Tips for Sealing the Deal .. simple but great advice. 

An Artist Couple’s Distraction-Free Creative Escape Off the Coast of Maine  .. I think I could get used to a life like this, away from the rest of the world. 

Vegetables Are the Unsung Hero of Summer Grilling .. some yummy vegetables I never think to use!

10 Ways to Wind Down .. I need to be better at this – my sleep is suffering lately. 

The Benefits of Having a Smaller Wedding .. so sorry if your wedding plans were affected by the covid pandemic but, this article gives you a look on the bright side. 


Love, Jessica


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