Our Favorite Dog Friendly Spots in Newport, RI

Newport is situated on Aquidneck Island and boasts the most lovely coastal New England charm. Between its delicious restaurants, beautiful beaches, walking paths, parks, boutique shops and yacht filled harbors, this little town is a destination to add to your summer bucket list. My family is fortunate enough to own a condo only two miles from the excitement and we all try to take full advantage of those sweet summer days by the sea. 

If a furry creature holds a spot in your family (aka a dog) you understand the guilt I feel when I leave mine home so Mom and Dad can get away. Their sad puppy eyes as they watch us load the car with suitcases and drive away breaks my heart every single time. But, when we pack the car for Newport, somehow, our ladies know they’re coming. Maybe because they see us loading up bags of their food. Maybe because they see us lining the back of the Jeep with blankets for them. Or maybe it’s their crazy intuition. But they know and its’ the cutest thing seeing them run around the house in excitement.

Mya and Riley have quickly come to love all that Newport has to offer (them).. which is so much. It’s such a dog friendly place so be sure to include the pups when planning your vacation. Here are some of our (and the girls’) favorite spots. 



My favorite meal of the day.. because, well, coffee. Need I say more? But also because mornings are quiet and peaceful and offer a fresh start with endless possibilities. 

Belle’s Cafe is our favorite breakfast spot. Casual and located in Newport’s Shipyard this little place is deemed one of the towns “best kept secrets.” The food is great, the views are better and  furry friends are always welcome. 

39bf21b2-ccc2-4727-a04b-6635936e4f35If you’re looking for a lighter breakfast with artisan coffee, Mokka Coffeehouse is the place for you (and your fur babies).  They offer delicious breakfast sandwiches, fresh pastries and all the espresso drinks you could ask for. They have limited indoor seating but a beautiful outdoor patio with furniture pieces that look like works of art. Plus, there are plenty of doggy water bowls to go around. 24a63f44-0128-425a-b6d2-c92215fa419b


Then again, if you prefer to skip breakfast other than your morning caffeine, you must visit Coffee Grinder. The harbor views can’t be beat, the owner is a spit fire (if you go, you’ll definitely meet her because she works every single day) and her coffee is my favorite. If you like espresso, try an iced cortado – so good! And of course your pups are welcome to join as you sip coffee from the Adirondack chairs overlooking the sailboats. dd19ffdb-a141-4f60-a407-e4b31545e701


The Landing is located at the end of Bowen’s Wharf and offers both lunch and dinner. Fresh seafood dishes, an abundance of water bowls and amazing views of the harbor. Neither you nor your pups will be disappointed at this spot!

If tacos speak to your heart, Diego’s should definitely be on your list of places to eat. Their food is so yummy,  their cocktail list unique and outdoor seating perfect for you and the pups. c241086a-0bbd-4356-8595-e042310a5078

Who doesn’t love a good winery and brewery? Lucky for you, Newport has both in the same spot. And lucky for your furry friends, they’re welcome to join at the outdoor patio. Newport Vineyard, Taproot Brewing Company and Brix Restaurant are a one stop shop. Enjoy some crisp summer white wine (or a beer) and a meal overlooking the vines. 


When we’re not eating in Newport, you can usually find my little crew and I wandering around different parks admiring the views. The most breathtaking, in my opinion, can be found along the Cliff Walk. You will swoon over the cliffs (duh), flowers and mansions. It’s pretty spectacular to think these  mansions were merely summer cottages for families during the Gilded Ages. The Cliff Walk stretches 3.5 miles however not all of the paths are smooth sailing, especially with dogs. I recommend started at the beginning near Easton’s (First) Beach and you will be able to walk approximately 1.5-2 miles in one direction before you hit the rocky terrain. Then, if you’re like us and have dogs that are very uncoordinated and too big to carry, turn around and head back! 


Fort Adams State Park is another fan favorite in our house. Lots of free parking, clean bathrooms and a panoramic view of Newport bridge and harbor. There is a great 2 mile loop we like to walk and usually a Del’s frozen lemonade truck in the parking lot (the perfect post walk treat). 

Close your eyes and imagine this. It’s a warm summer afternoon and you’re sprawled out on the warm grass overlooking the Atlantic Ocean with a light breeze on your face. You packed a picnic and are sipping on some sweet iced tea while your kids giggle and laugh and run wild with their kites flying high in the air. Doesn’t that sound picture perfect? Brenton Point State Park is this image. Sprawling lawns overlooking the ocean and dog friendly, it’s beautiful. 


Newport has so much more to offer than this short list but I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into our favorite dog friendly spots. If you get the chance, definitely plan a trip to Newport with your family and fur babies this summer and check out these spots for yourself. And of course, please share you and your pup’s favorite places to visit together.. we’d love to try them!

Love, Jessica


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