January Wine Review

As you’ve probably read on previous posts, hubby and I have been carrying on our Napa honeymoon by trying Napa wines we find at home. It’s been so much fun scouring different stores in search of a new bottle to try each week.

Cabernet Sauvignon is our favorite type of wine, especially in the winter.. it’s bold and perfect alongside a steak or chocolate and a fire (we tend to drink wines with the latter). During warmer months, we always chose Pinot Noir as this is a lighter red wine and a great option for those new to reds. BUT, this year, we will definitely spend more time sipping on Chardonnay.. because, well.. Napa also makes great Chardonnay!

So January we spent evenings off drinking Napa Cabernets.. and of course, my two favorites were the most expensive bottles of the month.. my dad did always say I’d be an expensive date. Wegmans has the best selection of wines that we’ve found (even better than Total Wines).. obviously because Wegmans is the best.

Frogs Leap Estate Cabernet and Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars Artemis are both bold wines with black cherry and plum undertones. Highly recommend either one, especially for special occasions when you’d be more willing to pay more for a bottle. Depending on where you shop, these both cost anywhere from $50-70.

A more affordable wine we enjoyed was Beaulieu Vineyard (BV) Cabernet SauvignonLess fruit forward than the first two and more dry with some nuances of mocha and blackberry. This wine costs about $20 a bottle and is a great option!

We tried Charles Krug Cabernet Sauvignon which was good, but not our first choice and not a wine we’d purchase again. We also tried Sterling Cabernet Sauvignon and did not like it.

And finally, we tried a Sonoma County Cabernet by Louis M. Martini that we really enjoyed. This wine was fruity and flavorful with a combination of plum, cherry and spices. This bottle is also more affordable at $20-30.

Stay tuned for February wines.. we’ve already tried a few we really like.. and one that I was soooo looking forward to trying and was disappointed! I’d love for you all to share your favorite wines with me!! Comment away ❤


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