Coffee Date

A warm mug of something delicious sounds perfect for this brutally cold weather we’ve been having lately. I don’t really mind winter but I most definitely don’t like negative degree temperatures!

I’d arrive to our coffee date bundled up in boots, my favorite cozy jacket, an oversized scarf, hat and mittens.. and probably leave it all on until well after we’ve settled into our table because I can’t seem to get rid of the chills these days!

I’d order a cappuccino and probably take a picture of my mug if they make a pretty design.. I’m a sucker for coffee art. We’d grab our usual seat in the back corner of the coffee shop with all the best people watching views.

I’d ask you how the new year has been treating you.. Did you make any resolutions and have you been keeping them..  What your favorite winter activities are and any new restaurants or recipes you’ve tried.. Which shows you’ve been watching on Netflix.. How you’re surviving these frigid temperatures.

I’d tell you all about my jam packed January… about hubby and my recent trip to Napa Valley and convince you to book your next vacation there.. and then we’d probably plan a wine and cheese tasting night because we never get enough of those. And then about our trip to Vermont with our closest friends and family and all the fun we had.. And how we’re getting back into snowboarding this season and haven’t broken any bones yet.

It’s amazing how refreshing a coffee date with a friend can be! Caffeine and chatting.. they work wonders. We’d make a plan as we say goodbye to do this again soon!



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