Life Lately

i thought for sure that life would slow down a little after the holidays but, nope.. i was very wrong. probably because we scheduled a trip to napa, a booth at a bridal expo for my new event planning business endeavor and a trip to vermont.. all fun things but i feel like i haven’t had a minute to sit down and blog or read or do paperwork or anything else. oh well.. thankfully i’ve got a whole new year to catch up.. i’ll start in february!

for now, let’s talk about life lately. hubby and i went to napa valley and now we’re complete wine snobs. only problem is, being a wine snob can get rather expensive.. turns out, napa wine (like real napa wine.. not just the wines that say napa valley on the label) costs a lot of dollars. other problem is, when we returned home from napa i wanted to continue drinking wine all day every day.. evidently that’s not good for your liver. who knew?

so hubby and i decided to treat ourselves to one nice bottle of wine a week (and drink hot chocolate on other nights) and then we get to try other wineries that we drove by in napa but didn’t have time to visit. it’s something we get to look forward to! a bottle of cabernet sauvignon, a fire, all the blankets and my hubby next to me on the couch are my favorite nights.

my friend-turned-business-partner and i started an event planning company at the end of 2018 and kicked off 2019 with our very first bridal expo! it was slightly stressful and i’m not even sure why! i have end of life discussions with patients and their families all the time but the idea of speaking to a bride about planning her wedding was slightly terrifying! probably because i hate rejection and failure.. but everything went well, we received so many compliments on the backdrop and candy table we worked really hard to create and we have some potential clients! so if you know anyone planning an event please keep Parkway & Elm Events in mind!

next weekend we head to vermont for a trip with friends and then i’m going to try really hard to get my life in order again.. for whoever is out there listening, to you that means more consistent blogging! and don’t forget i love when people give me topics they’d love to read more about.. don’t hesitate to send requests!

happy monday friends!

love, jessica


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