Christmas Celebrations

for the first year in forever, my extended family decided to celebrate christmas early so that everyone could begin their own traditions on the actual holiday. change is hard and christmas was definitely different this year, but i love it.

so, on december 22nd everyone got together for our typical christmas day.. tons of food, more gifts than anyone needed and all the little ones running around. it was chaos but so joyful. the excitement from each kiddo, the sugar highs, the music, the laughter.. it wouldn’t be the christmas season without all of this. somehow we even managed to get all of my cousins’ kids (minus one) to sit still for a picture.. we probably had to bribe them with gifts but it was worth it!grandma finishing off the wine! early christmas was wonderful. everyone was rested (because they didn’t wake up at the crack of dawn to open gifts) and no one in a rush to get to the next obligation.

christmas eve we always spend at my brother and sister-in-laws and this year was extra special.. our nephew is just old enough to love opening gifts and be excited for santa! we all sat mesmerized as he tore into presents, tried on all the shoes grandma bought him and said “ope” to each toy. and his favorite toy was the little towel that came with his chalk board.. he was sure to clean anything he could reach with it.. my kind of kid!  i don’t know what we all did for entertainment before this little guy came around!on christmas morning ben and i celebrated our first as mr. and mrs! we opened gifts together and then hosted brunch for some of his family and my dad’s side.

our house was filled with loved ones, 3 enormous dogs (my brother’s was sure to pee and poop in the house!) and so much delicious food!after brunch, we headed to my mom’s house. dinner was quieter than past years but we were able to talk without yelling and relax without rushing. it was lovely.

and my favorite part of the day was when hubby and i were finally able to curl up on the couch, with the fire roaring and puppies sleeping, and sip on a glass of wine while we watched christmas movies. perfect end to a perfect christmas season.

i love that my family is still able to make time for each other while we also create our own traditions. this whole season has been amazing. and now, i’m ready for a winter of re-learning to snowboard and relaxing!


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