Coffee Date

if we were on a coffee date.. 

i’d arrive in gym pants, a cozy, over-sized sweatshirt and sneakers.. and be so excited to wrap my hands around a warm mug because i’ve been freezing since september started.

i’d order a medium hot coffee, black and some sort of sweet treat.. preferably a scone.

i’d choose the small empty table in the back to sit.. out of the way of crowds and the cold breeze when the door opens.. and we’ll have a panoramic view to people watch while we chat (i love people watching).

i’d ask you how life has been lately.. not just the small talk way of making conversation.. but really ask because i care. i’d ask about your holiday plans and any yummy recipes you’ve cooked lately. i’d ask what you did for halloween and for pictures of your costume.. and i’d probably tell you how envious i am of your creativity (because i threw on a green shirt, wings and a tutu and called myself tinker bell – so lame).

i’d talk about how much i’m loving the crisp weather because it brings along cozy fires and extra snuggling with hubby. i’d tell you how i’m obsessed with all the recipes i’ve been making from half baked harvest and how creepily amazing the show “the haunting of hill house” is. i’d tell you how excited i am that ben agreed to let me read him harry potter (i’ve been trying to get him into it for years) and how i already started watching christmas movies on the hallmark channel.

i’d complain about how much i dislike hubby’s work schedule and i miss him at night.. and then tell you i’m just being a baby because we actually have it pretty darn good. and i’d probably complain about a resident at work who made some ridiculous decision or a lazy co-worker.

i’d tell you how much i’m looking forward to thanksgiving and black friday shopping with my mom. how i’m looking forward to a few night getaway with hubby and i’d ask if you think we should go to newport, rhode island or the white mountains in new hampshire.

when we part ways, i’d tell you how much i love coffee dates and that we really need to do them more often.. so lets make this a thing, okay?

what would you tell me on our coffee date?


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